BLUEPOINT Technology SA has exclusive contracts with Italian and Chinese production sites, the result of partnerships developed over time. Thanks to these contracts, we are able to guarantee production capacity for both large and small orders from our customers, maintaining high quality standards of finished products. The company ensures the highest quality and precision in the sector thanks to its engineers who carry out Swiss quality controls and certify Swiss standards at every stage of the production process.

We offer:

  • Machining of small parts and complex mechanical components

  • Mounting & Assembly

  • Wide range of solutions

  • Modern technologies & Highly specialized technical staff

  • Deadline respect

  • Fast-pace production

  • Competitive price

  • Wide range of high quality CNC numerical control machine

  • Turning & Milling

  • Laser cutting and bending (simple & complex elements, cuts up to 5mm thick in all types of materials)

  • Production of any kind of material and shape

    • Steel & alloys

    • Aluminium and alloys

    • Copper

    • Brass & bronze

    • Plastic materials (Teflon, PVC, nylon, POM)


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